About us

Association for Community Development Services is a registered Non-Governmental Organization established in the year 1991 to work for the upliftment of children and women working in stone quarries and crushers in neighboring areas of Kattankulathur block in Kancheepuram district which is very adjacent to Chennai.  Different project activities of motivation center, enrolment campaign, quality support for PTA and VEC were implemented in schools and local communities to admit and regularize the attendance of quarry working children in the schools. In due course ACDS has included additional activities of both women and men who were engaged in quarry work were mobilized and they were made to ensure their children’s education in schools.  Simultaneously, women SHGs were encouraged to practice savings and internal lending at the beginning and go for external lending at the latter part. Then they gained knowledge in the field of savings and credit facilities. They have received the bank loans through appropriate means. Now they have started their own small businesses and entrepreneurships for their future development they have formed two Women Federations one is working in Kattankulathur and another in Thirupporur block.

Because of ACDS regular interventions the Child labour issues in our target area have been drastically reduced.  ACDS has made efforts to risen the status of children schooling and education process with the support and cooperation of NGOs in Kancheepuram District. As a result several projects child rights implementation and protection projects in Mamallapuram, Coastal villages and Kattankulathur, Thirupporur, Thirukalukundram, Kunrathur and St.Thomas Mount blocks of Kancheepuram district. Latter this child rights implementation and protection project was extend to whole Kancheepuram district with the support and cooperation of 25 NGOs committed to work for children. To accomplish this process Concern for Child Rights Network – CCRN was promoted in which 25 NGOs and Child Rights Activists was participated. All above projects were funded and guided by state and central government schemes as well as International donor organizations from abroad. ACDS is also collaboration NGO for Kancheepuram district working under the guidelines and support of Childline India Foundation-CIF which is funded by Ministry of Women and Child Welfare, Government of India. Childline 1098 is being facilitated by ACDS. ACDS is also implemented Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation program at time of emergency. At the time of Tsunami our activities was very much appreciated by District Administration.

ACDS has sufficient infrastructure and qualified human power (Staff Team, Governing Board and Advisory Team) to execute all projects as per plan and bring out desired results. ACDS is maintaining cordial relationship with the district administration in a sustained manner.