Based on the experiences we gained to widening our activities to the district level it is motivated us to promote a network called Concern for Child Rights Network – CCRN.   Which consisting of NGOs functioning in 25 Panchayats in Kancheepuram district.  It is primarily working for children on regular schooling and education as well as their protection. Its membership and activities are now spread over to 13 blocks of Kancheepuram District.  Further, CCRN is directly working in 25 Panchayats.  In every panchayat, CCRN has organized child rights sensitization training programs for adults and parents, teachers and the CBOs to improve their understanding on child rights and its importance in schools, families and in the communities.  Thus the regular activities of CCRN motivated to promote CRPFs in each hamlets of Panchayat, which are involved in child rights implementation and protection activities.  During this period CCRN has promoted 52CRPFs.   In addition to this, members of CCRN were equipped to get support and co-operation from various government institutions to protect children from abuses and violence. CCRN Members are maintaining cordial rapport with government officials of various departments to serve better for the children. Due to the above interventions, the corporal punishment, violence and abuse on children are reduced considerably.  At the time of eventuality to the children, they visit the child immediately and rescue the child by various means. Five persons Mr. N. Ramachandran-CCRN Member, Mr. V. Balan-CRPF member, Mamallapuram, Mr. E. D. Elumalai, Panchayat President, Melmaruvathur, Mr.Murali, Person of social concern, Perumbedu and Mrs. S. Kashthuri, School Headmistress, Melakottaiyur  were  honored by  the President of Andheri Hilfe–Bonn Ms. Elvira Greiner Madam with the Award of “Kuzhanthai Neyar Viruthu” for their sincere support and cooperation and the efforts towards  child rights and protection process.

We planned to promote 48 CRPFs in the coming years. In order to make aware the public about the CCRN activities, the CCRN members were  put up and maintaining the “Sign Board” in their respective villages. This board tells about the details of the CRPF members and leaders. Also the regular information of the UNCRC and Child line 1098 – Kanchipuram

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