Child Line

Right from the inception of ACDS, it aimed to work for the welfare and assure the rights of children and their protection. Due to its meticulous operations and dedication over these years, it could locate Child Line India Foundation (CIF) to work as a collaborating NGO in Kancheepuram district.  In due course ACDS has became an official NGO in Child Line 1098 to rescue children when they are in distress.   This project is funded by the Ministry of Women & Child Welfare, Government of India. Through its innovative approaches and committed work ACDS is functioning as a lead NGO working for the welfare of children in the district. During this period, during this period we have received 2237 calls. Among this ACDS rescued 295 children. ACDS is continuously sharing its solidarity and support with NGOs, CBOs, Village Level Committees and Government officials in Kancheepuram district. The call statistics are given below.