Children Activity Center

The Children enjoy their most use of their space and time at home with parents, peers and relatives as well as in schools. In schools, they forced to learn textbook subjects as per syllabus. They forced to secure more marks in their academic process. The children were provided least opportunity, time and space to express their talents and capacities in schools. Because of this high score children only seems to be talented and others are ignorant. The children were also face corporal punishment in school by teachers and parents at homestead. All children were provided 10 activities in the center such as prayer, yoga, meditation, group sharing, and school based education, newspaper reading, violence and abuse on children as well as locate child labour and their enrollment in regular schools. The whole process discouraged children far behind and drop out from school and become child labor. Because of one center directly more than 40 children are directly benefited. Moreover other children and stakeholders were also benefited. As the result of this center children become comprehensive, confident and rights free space. ACDS is very much committed to run all Children Activity Centers; but our financial constrains become a hindrance to sustain the same.

The individual donors and philanthropist are requested to support each center to its best functioning. Each center require Rs.3000/- per month to run the center successfully. This amount will be used for day to day expenses of the center and taking care of Child Rights Facilitator salary. Today ACDS is running 10 Children Activity Centers in Mamallpuyam in under mentioned areas: East Rajaveethi, TKM Road, Devaneri, Venpurusam, Venpurusam Kuppam, Pooncheri, Chavadi, Ambedkar Nagar, Kattunaicken Street, and Five Rathams.

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