Children Panchayats

Indeed it is necessary to ensure the rights of children stipulated in the United Nations Convention on Child Rights-UNCRC, ACDS is striving to promote children panchayats to strengthen activities through children participatory efforts. In this regard, children are provided sensitization training on child rights to build their capacity and make them to involve in all child rights related interventions.

Children Panchayats are functioning in all the 10 villages of Mamallapuram and other CCRN identified panchayats. 12-18 year age group of children of both sex encouraged to become member of Children Panchayat. After the training, the members of children panchayats and local leaders were provided the inputs on the organizational structure of children panchayats. Further, the children panchayats are advised to maintain appropriate records and documentations to show their transparent operation and democratic process. Every Children Panchayat consists of One Apex Leader of President and Secretary who are responsible whole panchayat and maintaining external relationship. Moreover there will be One President and One Secretary on each rights of Child (Survival, Protection, Development and Participation) as per UNCRC.  The regular monthly meetings of Children Panchayats and discuss on issues related to children and forward the same to CRPF to resolve that issues with the support and cooperation of PRI Members and Traditional Leaders. Right from the beginning of the Children Panchayat had many issues related to children, were amicably settled by themselves. In order to solve common issues and critical problems of Children, ACDS has formed a Children Panchayat Federation in Mamallapuram consisting of all the Children Panchayat members. The children panchayats provided opportunity for children to share their problems. The Children Panchayats are requesting resource support by kind or cash; to maintain its full implications. Individual donors could find various means to support such Children Panchayat; and regular interaction with children through ACDS is possible. Because of children panchayat their participatory process will be improved to sustain their rights and privileges through appropriate stakeholders. Each children panchayat require Rs.1000/- to run for one month. This would help children to improve their participation.

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