Conducting Exhibitions on Child Rights and Protection

ACDS regularly organized Exhibitions in Mamallapuram, Thirupporur and other high populated areas to educate the stakeholders and general public on the pressing issues of child rights and protection aspects. In this exhibition more than 60 sign boards and child protection measures was presented. Every sign board and material one Volunteer was represented to provide appropriate explanation. ACDS has developed different types of materials, posters, banners, information stickers, charts, on United Nations convention on child rights UNCRC various government schemes available for children, information on anti-natal and post–natal care, details on immunization, information on public health, Ankanwadi Centers, protected drinking water facility, high risk points and locations of children at homes and villages, information on Kancheepuram Child Line 1098, posters on various Acts on child protection measures and its implementation process etc; so that viewer would get right and appropriate information on child rights implementation and protection measures.

All exhibitions were organized with the support and coordination of Children Panchayat, CRPF Members, PRI Members, Schoolteachers and Member NGOs of CCRN. Positively children were also organized entertainment in the exhibition to facilitate the exhibition smooth. All exhibitions organized for the duration of two days, so that all stakeholders gained opportunity to view the exhibitions. The general public, our volunteers and the students of our centers and the tourists were participated and benefitted through this program. In the evening, the school teachers and students were enjoyed through viewing the exhibition and gain knowledge about the child rights and protection measures. The police officials, the District Child Protection officer were participated and facilitated these programs. Because of this exhibition children and students get away from immoral feelings, understand their rights, privileges, gain confidence, away from sexual abuse, understand the adults and their behavior, public become aware of government schemes and various organizations working for children in the district. Each exhibition need Rs.5000/- to accomplish the programs. Philanthropists and individual donors could sponsor these programs in the best interest of children and their protection.

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