Child Rights Protection Forums-CRPFs – Model Panchayat on Child Friendly

ACDS is promoted the Child Rights Protection Forums (CRPFs) in all our working villages to implement and monitor child rights implementation and protection initiatives. This is a community based initiatives in all working villages. In order to strengthen these activities, Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in particular village was invited to participate in trainings and education related programs on UNCRC. Leaders from Women Self-Help Groups, Youth Clubs, Elected Panchayat Representatives, Schoolteachers, Ankanwadi Staff, Members from School Management Committee, Members from Parent Teacher Association (PTA), Village Level Health Worker and Village Administrative Officer and Government Officials in that particular village were invited for this child rights sensitization training program. The four rights of UNCRC that is survival, protection, development and participation was focused along with prevention of corporal punishment, approach on school based committees, Right to Education Act 2009, Child Protection Measures and Child Line 1098 will be discussed in the trainings.

In addition to this process, various child protection processes and procedures, its legal and advocacy status, their importance, restructuring the school based committees and resource mobilization as well as the day-to-day affairs of the CRPFs will be discussed in detail. Each CRPF will meet at least once in a month to review the status of child rights in that particular village. All the CRPFs have been instructed to maintain all necessary documents, records and proceedings and keep them for public view and transparency. The CRPFs further instructed go for regular visits and monitoring the status of child rights and its status in schools, hostels, work places and children mobility places, the risk points in the villages will be identified and suitable actions. In future each CRPF will function independently with guidelines of District CRPF Federation.  In the near future ACDS would make possible efforts to make CRPF become people movement. Hence Kancheepuram district will be a “District do not have violence and abuse on children” and same will be highlighted. To accomplish this process each CRPF requires Rs.5000/- which would support One Volunteer and its related aspects. Because CRPF existence that particular panchayat will be child labor free, child protected, no child marriage, no abuse, no violence and enrollment of all children in schools.

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